How To Create One Concept Of God We Can All Agree On

Reinventing the concept of God to apply to religious and nones alike. Believers of different faiths have their own notions about God or the

Ryan Bell Life Without God

Ex-Pastor Now Atheist Launching New ‘Life After God’

After a year without God, Former Pastor turned Atheist Ryan Bell has created a community for those questioning their faith. In 2014, Ryan Bell,

Define God

These are the Top 10 Definitions of God in One Word

If you could pick just one word to illustrate God what would it be? HuffPo publishes the top 10 definitions of God submitted by

Near Death Experience

What do Near Death Experiences Tell Us About the Afterlife and Ourselves?

Paul Raushenbush teamed with Huffington Post to discuss Near Death Experiences (NDEs) with three of the most prominent figures in the field. There are many people

Huffington Post’s Muslim Series: College Students Want to Break the Stereotypes

Alexandria Svokos from Huffington Post is writing up a series of interviews with different Muslim college students across the country. The series includes essays,

Jewish Men

Jewish Leaders React to HuffPost’s Religion Survey

Huffington Post UK released a religion survey with results that shocked and perplexed some Jewish Leaders. A national religion survey conducted exclusively for HuffPostUK

Huffington Post #ReligionDoingGood

Huffington Post Crowdsourcing #ReligionDoingGood Charity Stories

The Huffington Post is crowdsourcing examples of religious groups who are helping the world with the hashtag #ReligionDoingGood on Twitter. Beginning last week, @HuffPostRelig

Sikh Americans Celebrated

Sikh Culture Celebrated in America

Clockwise, from top: Prayer service at the Pentagon on April 25, 2014, Vishavjit Singh, Waris Ahluwahlia, Balpreet Kaur, Prabhjot Singh. Sikh culture is currently