How To Create One Concept Of God We Can All Agree On


Reinventing the concept of God to apply to religious and nones alike.

Believers of different faiths have their own notions about God or the Supreme Being. But for atheists, humanists and other non-believers, the concept of God is just part of history, tradition and literature. There’s been a long debate between religion and science as to how the Earth and mankind was created. And this issue remains a hot topic until this very day.

How To Create One Concept Of God We Can All Agree On[/tweetthis]

But in one of his blog posts at the Huffington Post, writer Richard Greene suggests of a way for all religions including atheists to be able to come up with a uniform concept of God. According to him, the old idea of God literally creating the Earth and mankind should be redefined in a way that is also scientifically acceptable.

In his post, Greene presented an image of the word GOD but instead of the letter “O” in the middle, it is replaced by the circular Helix Nebula which is also called “The Eye of God”. Nebulae are results of star and cosmic explosions (Bangs) which usually consist of dusts and numerous types of gasses. And these dusts particles and gasses are considered as stellar or planetary nurseries and are precursors of evolution and life. As Greene puts it “the atoms and molecules in our bones and heart and skin and brain… and everything around us… are created inside of these astronomical phenomena.”

Greene added that when energy and life eventually comes to an end for a star, galaxy or universe, “something” miraculously recycles or repeats the process by creating another nebula. This, according to Greene is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the concept of God. God or “The Almighty” can be redefined as the Supreme Being responsible for creating and re-creating the universe.

Greene believes that “this way of writing this extraordinary important and complex three letter word (God) applies to all of us. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’is, all indigenous religions and every other religion on the planet… Nebulae bring together the many hot, excited, diverse elements of exploded stars and cosmic dust. Perhaps, its imagery can bring its seven billion diverse creations here on Earth together as well.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson on his idea of God

In an interview with Tech Insider, celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has shared his thoughts on the concept of God. Tyson who doesn’t believe in God but also doesn’t want to label himself as atheist have been silent about his idea of the Supreme Being until recently.

Tyson admits that he is also not certain on the existence of God “I have no idea whether there’s a God. You know something I think people who are deeply religious are also not sure. That’s why they’re called faith. If you are certain there was a God, you wouldn’t have to call it faith. It’d be some other activity.”

He continues by saying that “I can say that if God is benevolent and I look at the universe… there’s an absence of benevolence to the actual universe that I see. So that’s always point of contention between sort of philosophers and theologians that goes back for centuries actually.”

Nonetheless, Tyson firmly believes in every individual’s right to exercise his/her belief of a supreme being. As Tyson cites “You can be certain within your own person. And that’s a kind of personal truth. And in a free pluralistic society, your thoughts are protected. You think what you want. It’s what it means to live in a free society.” 


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