Religious News from Around the Web, Feb 3rd 2020

Iran vs. Religion, Mass Wedding, Same-Sex Adoption, Religious School Funding, Christians Released, Should Churches Report Child Abuse? William Barr Warns of Militant Secularism, Catholic

How A Humanist Chaplain At U.K. Hospital Is A Startling Change

How a Humanist Chaplain At U.K. Hospital is a Startling Change

What The United States Could Learn from the U.K. The appointment of Lindsay van Dijk as the leader of a team of chaplains at

7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago Pilgrimage

7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago Pilgrimage

The trek, physically and mentally, is not a walk through the park. CTVC, a production house, came up with an incredible travelogue series, split

Yale Humanists Erect Sculpture, Aim for Inclusion

Will Yale Humanist Obelisk Increase Religious Tolerance?

Yale Humanists Erect Sculpture, Aim for Inclusion Christmas is a time for celebration in New Haven, as the Yale community so well knows. Walking

New Book Explores the Non-Religious Search for Meaning, Purpose and Belonging

Author Katherine Ozment’s Grace without God  is an exploration of secular America. "Nothing." That was the answer Katherine Ozment gave her eight-year-old son when

Al Jazeera: Is Religion Really to Blame for Violence? [Video]

Al Jazeera interviews Karen Armstrong on religion and violence. Karen Armstrong is a British author, scholar, and former nun. She is the acclaimed author

How To Create One Concept Of God We Can All Agree On

Reinventing the concept of God to apply to religious and nones alike. Believers of different faiths have their own notions about God or the

Only 40% of Millennials Say Christmas Has Religious Significance

Millennials are more Humanist than religious. In a 2013 survey by Pew Research Center, nine out of a total of ten Millennials claim to

Atheist and Humanist Exhibit Will Replace Christian Nativity in Nebraska State Capitol

Atheist exhibit calls for “Reason this Season” addressing tolerance and the separation of church and state. During the entire Christmas week, the popular Christian

Shakira Sang “Imagine” After the Pope’s Speech to the United Nations

Shakira's choice of song could be seen as a comment on how she feels the Catholic church has been addressing child sexual abuse On