7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago Pilgrimage

7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago Pilgrimage

7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago Pilgrimage
Europe Santiago De Compostela Church, Spain
The trek, physically and mentally, is not a walk through the park.

CTVC, a production house, came up with an incredible travelogue series, split into three parts, where seven celebrities will be traveling the popular pilgrimage, Camino de Santiago[/tweetit]. The show will be coming on BBC Two this Friday.

7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago Pilgrimage[/tweetthis]

Pilgrimage: The Road to Santiago, brings together seven people of different faiths, including, but not limited to, humanism, atheism, and Christianity. The celebrities will be living the life of pilgrims, as they have to give up all their luxuries for the long trek. The show features self-discovery, personal stories, and spiritual and religious debates as the celebrities endure the hardships of the pilgrimage.

The group consists of JJ Chalmers (TV Presenter), Raphael Rowe (journalist), Kate Bottley (priest), Heather Small (singer), Ed Byrne (comedian), Neil Morrissey (actor) and Debbie McGee (entertainer).

7 Celebrities of Different Faiths Embark on Santiago PilgrimageAs the group goes through stunning landscapes and massive mountain ranges, from France to the northern parts of Spain, they explore their belief in faith. As they are living the life of pilgrims, they will have to carry everything important with them, while residing in hostels.

As they travel through the route, they will come across wonderful people, historic landmarks, and much more, learning about their faith and beliefs on the way.

However, the trek is nothing like a walk in the park, as there are some grueling sections. For the likes of JJ Chalmers and Ed Byrne, the trek isn’t difficult, as they are seasoned walkers. However, Morrissey is on the other end of the spectrum, as he finds the trek tiring, unlike what he had imagined.

Pilgrimage, the true test

Morrisey was a Catholic, but he changed his belief as he became an atheist. As the trek is taking a toll both physically and mentally, he realizes that it isn’t having an impact on his current beliefs.

When McGee had to reflect on the pilgrimage, she found out that it didn’t have a significant impact on her life. She added, “It didn’t push my beliefs one way or the other.”

Bottley thought the trek would be spiritual, but she found it physically challenging, more than anything else. She said, “I hated it with a passion.” She also said that she never used so many swear words in her life.

The Camino de Santiago was extremely popular during the medieval times when travelers used to go through different parts of Europe while looking for spiritual enlightenment.

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