At Virginia Mosque, Loretta Lynch Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks on rising hate crime Monday morning during a visit to a Virginia mosque. A Northern Virginia mosque witnessed

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Proposes Nationwide Burka Ban

Germany's Chancellor calls for a ban on the Muslim burka because it is not part of German society. Only a couple months after the

Sadiq Khan Speaks at London’s 11th annual Eid Festival in Trafalgar Square

London's Mayor Khan calls for friendship and unity at London's Eid Festival. The Eid al-Fitr celebration hosted by London last Saturday at the Trafalgar

Minnesota Christians wish Muslims a “Blessed Ramadan”

Churches in Minnesota display "Blessed Ramadan" signs in support of their Muslim neighbors. Minnesota is one of the states that saw a lot of

Churches Strengthen Security Protocols with Security Training and Firearm Classes

Churches across the Nation Taking Security Classes after Rise in Religious Hate Crimes. Statistics on hate speeches, attacks, and crimes are at their highest

Is there a Future for Jews in France?

Rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes make the country a danger zone for Jews Jewish communities in France are in danger of being wiped out

Chapman Survey of Fears

Why are Muslims and Immigrants Sources of Fear?

A new study provides insight into the fears of Americans. The Chapman University Survey of American Fears found out that a number of factors

Nusrat Qadir Fear vs Extremists

Fear versus the Extremists: The Rhetoric of Hate Must End

Featured Contributor Nusrat Qadir implores Americans to counter fear and hate by inviting Trump and his followers to learn more about True Islam. Recently

Sikh NYC Protest

American Sikhs Continue to Suffer Religious Discrimination

American Sikhs have been ridiculed, harassed, and beaten all because of their outward appearance. It is long past time to stop the ignorance. Earlier this

Sikh PSA

American Sikhs Respond to Ignorant Hate with a Beautiful PSA Video

American Sikhs respond to growing, often violent, prejudice in the United States. While racism has always had an ugly presence in the United States,