10 Biggest Controversial Religious Sites

These religious locations around the world cause tension and conflict. 1. Western Wall This wall, located near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is historically

Christians Have Problem With TV Show "13 Reasons Why"

Christian Groups Are Troubled By Teen Suicide TV Show ’13 Reasons Why’

Groups Accuse TV Show 13 Reasons Why of Glorifying Sin The television show 13 Reasons Why has been controversial since it first aired on

Comedian Hannibal Buress College Show Stopped Because of He Attacked Catholics

Comedian Hannibal Buress’ College Show Stopped Because He Attacked Catholics

Hannibal Buress' Performance at Loyola-Chicago Was Stopped by University one minute into the show WARNING: The video clips shown involve explicit language and do

Why You Should Talk Religion At Thanksgiving

You Should Talk About Religion During Thanksgiving

We Should Not Shy Away From Topics, But Learn Effective Techniques To Approach Them It seems one of the unspoken rules of Thanksgiving is

Advertisement Showing Jesus as A Sausage Roll Causing Controversy

Advertisement Replacing Jesus With A Sausage Roll Causing Controversy

Greggs Bakery Being Threatened With Boycott The United Kingdom bakery chain, Greggs, is being criticized by evangelical religious groups over its new advertising campaign.

Legal Battle Over Giant Cross in Florida

Legal Battle Over Giant Cross in Florida

Town Fights Judge Ruling Cross Unconstituional Despite a judge of the US District Court giving the ruling that the prominent Christian cross located in

Temple Mount

Metal Detectors Removed from Controversial Holy Site in Jerusalem

Conflict over site still continues between Jews and Muslims. The Israeli government decided to remove metal detectors at one of the most holy sites

Satanic Temple Monument

Christian Protests Increase Over First Satanic Monument in United States

Public protest scheduled for Saturday over placement of Satanic veterans memorial in Minnesota. Christians have organized a public protest in Belle Plain, Minnesota on

Do ATMs Belong in a Church Lobby?

ATMs added to churches raise concern by some. The church is a place of worship. Many churches, no matter the denomination, emphasize on a

Aaron Paul on Religion, New TV Show ‘The Path’

Hulu's new TV show The Path, starring Aaron Paul, deals with religion and power. The Path is an upcoming series on Hulu that will