Satanic Temple Monument

Christian Protests Increase Over First Satanic Monument in United States

Satanic Temple Monument

Public protest scheduled for Saturday over placement of Satanic veterans memorial in Minnesota.

Christians have organized a public protest in Belle Plain, Minnesota on Saturday, July 15. The protest is over the placement of a Satanic monument to be placed at the Veteran’s Memorial Park. The memorial is a black box, with an upside down military helmet to hold messages honoring veterans. The helmet is called “the bowl of wisdom.”

The controversy began recently. An individual put a memorial with a metal outline of a veteran kneeling in front of a cross at the memorial. The city took down the cross. In response, individuals placed crosses at the park. Consequently, the city decided to create a “free speech zone” where any organization could erect any statue or tribute.

The Satanic Temple successfully petitioned to have a monument in the zone. This is the first Satanic monument on public land in the United States. The city stated this was to avoid the potential of a legal battle with the Satanic Temple and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Saturday’s protest is being labeled the “Rosary of Reparation.” It will involve hymns, divine praises and consecrations. There is also a petition to remove The Satanic Temple’s statue that has accumulated over 19,000 signatures. The date of the protest is designed to coincident with the day the Crusaders took Jerusalem from Islam 918 years ago.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has also announced their intent to put an “Atheists in Foxholes” monument in the free speech zone.


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