Aaron Paul on Religion, New TV Show ‘The Path’

Gage Skidore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Hulu’s new TV show The Path, starring Aaron Paul, deals with religion and power.

The Path is an upcoming series on Hulu that will focus on relationships and religion, particularly that of a controversial cult. A couple months before its scheduled premiere, it’s now gaining a lot of exposure because the story is falsely being associated with Scientology.

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Jessica Goldberg is The Path’s writer and producer. In an interview at the Television Critics Association, she clarified that her new series does not reflect any particular religion. She added that the featured religion is a mixture of numerous belief systems in her desire to portray an ideal faith in the story “We try to think of the way the characters do. We wanted to invent my sort of ideal faith, and of course, with any faith, there’s a dark side too.” Instead of calling it a “cult,” she used the term “movement.” She further pointed out that she grew up in Woodstock, New York where some of the “new crystal-y” religions are born.

The Path revolves around the story of a family caught between the struggles of life, marriage, relationships and power and of the controversial religion they are part of. According to the writer, each episode will highlight how each character in the film makes decisions whether to live in reality or the ideal one presented by the faith.

The main character for the series is portrayed by former Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul. Although he is expected to take a break after his recently concluded project, Paul said that he couldn’t say “no” after reading the script of the first two episodes “I wasn’t really looking to jump back into TV this quickly, but my reps called and said, ‘You must read these first two episodes,’ I read them and I just could not ignore the material. It was just so gripping and so beautifully written and so well done.”

Aaron Paul moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17 to pursue his dream of acting. He is thankful for his supportive family. Rising from a very devout Southern Baptist family, Paul has a natural interest for TV and movie projects that have religious or faith infusions in them.

As Paul states in an interview “I find religion sort of fascinating. There’s an endless amount of religion out there, and everyone, as humans beings — people are just trying to find answers to their deep questions… I am definitely drawn to that sort of story. I read this and I was just blown away. My character, he is having some sort of doubt — in the pilot, he’s really searching for his questions to be answered, to find a truth.


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