Christians Have To Be Environmentalist

Christians Have to Be Environmentalists

I always wonder what would Jesus be like in the modern era. Which issues would he focus on? How would he feel about human

Climate Change Deniers Have “Perverse Attitudes” Says Pope Francis

The Pope blames humans for global warming. Pope Francis unequivocally denounced global warming deniers[/tweetit] as he requested climate talks negotiators in Germany not to

Baba Brinkman Uses Rap To Explore Religion

Exclusive Interview: Rapper Baba Brinkman Explores Religion and Consciousness

New Album the Rap Guide To Consciouness Intersects Music and Science Rappers use the term “dropping science” but you don’t hear the term used

Why Is The Pope Calling Space?

Why Is The Pope Calling Space?

Pope Francis Continues Support for the Sciences In a few weeks’ time, Pope Francis is scheduled to call the international space station. The Vatican

Catholic Church Pulling Fossil Fuel Investments

The Italian town of Assisi has also joined the effort The anniversary of the death of St. Francis of Assisi was October 4. The

Stop Saying Storms are God's Wills

Stop Saying Natural Disasters Are God’s Will

People Don't Know Motivations of God People have lost their minds. Case in point, Kirk Cameron made a video claiming the devastating hurricanes the

Trump Celebrating National Prayer Day

Trump Uses Religion to Fake Action on Hurricane Harvey

The US President did not do anything worthwhile President Donald Trump gave his signature to a statement declaring Sunday as National Day of Prayer[/tweetit].

La Civilta Cattolica

Pope’s Inner Circle Says U.S. Christians & Catholics Formed Alliance of Hate by Backing Trump

The article by Marcelo Figueroa and Antonio Spadaro was published in La Civilta Cattolica Marcelo Figueroa, a Protestant theologian and Antonio Spadaro, a Catholic

Religious Leaders Are Protesting A Coal Mine in Australia

Religious leaders demand environmental minister withdrawal support for coal mine. Josh Frydenberg, the federal environmental minister of Australia had a tough morning when religious

Vatican is Snubbed by Trump’s Decision to Leave Paris Climate Accord

President Trump is believed to be influenced by U.S. oil lobbyists. The Vatican scorned United States President Donald Trump over his decision to exit