Heaven Or Hell

While Atheism Gains Popularity, Religion Holds Fast to its Majority

Atheism is becoming more popular all over the world, but that does not necessarily translate to the end of spirituality and religion. As greater

Kansas Science Standards

Kansas Dismisses Science Standards Lawsuit

A Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit against Kansas' educational science standards because challengers “did not claim specific enough injuries” to sustain. On Tuesday, December

EPA Climate Change

EPA Gets Support from Unlikely Source – Evangelicals

Evangelicals have thrown their support behind the EPA and its new plan to help protect the environment and prevent pollution. On June 2, 2014,

Pope Francis Urges Catholics to Stop Economic Injustice and Save the Environment

Pope Francis delivered an off-the-cuff mini-encyclical on the rights of the poor, the injustices of unemployment and the need for environmental protection Tuesday, saying

Sikhs for Climate Justice

EcoSikh Protects the Environment Because of Its Sikh Beliefs

photo: Facebook EcoSikh is an organization inspired by its Sikh beliefs and devoted to protecting the environment. Motivated by their faith, they seek to

Climate Change

The New Top Pro-Life Argument is Not Abortion: It’s Climate Change

photo: flickr Christians around the world are again rallying for the pro-life cause. This time, though, the scene is a little different as they

Ise Shrine

Japan’s Holiest Shrine Suddenly Breaks This One Centuries Old Tradition

Ise Jingu, Japan's holiest Shinto shrine, breaks tradition and opens its doors to members of every religion to witness one of its oldest rituals. The Ise Shrine (Ise

Religion Declining Among America’s Youth

More and more American youngsters are turning away from the religious faith they were born into.  While some refuse to attribute the trend to