Which religions are supporting climate change? Muslims are the most recent to speak up

Religions across the world are announcing their views on climate change. The Muslims are the latest to declare their stance at the International Islamic

Pope Francis Will Likely Confront U.S. Congress On These 6 Issues

The political Pope Francis is expected to speak on Mexican immigration, economics, capitalism, and the environment in front of Congress during is visit to

Has the “Francis Effect” Transformed into “Francis Fatigue” in America?

Photos adapted from: Didier Baertschiger and Long Thiên, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Pope's approval rating has declined among Americans, leading many to think

Summit of Conscience for the Climate is Attended by Faith Leaders Across the World

“PNN Los Nevados Colombia (7)” by Climate Change is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Faith leaders from around the world met to discuss the

Faith Leaders At White House

White House Honors 12 Faith Leaders in Climate Change

Leaders who teach and encourage their fellow man to change their ways and recognize how they affect the environment have been recognized by the

In South America Pope Francis Continues Environmental Battle; Economists, Politicians, Scientists Disagree

Pope Francis declares we no longer can turn our backs on Mother Earth. Pope Francis has continued his campaign for environmental issues during his

Faith Vs Fact Jerry Coyne

Jerry Coyne’s New Book, ‘Faith vs. Fact,’ says Religion and Science Can’t Be Compatible

In his new book, Jerry Coyne has enumerated several instances proving that religion and science can never co-exist. The never-ending conflicts between religious and

Climate Change Republicans

American Right Criticizes Pope Francis’ Involvement in Climate Change Debate

Pope Francis says science shows that human activity is responsible for climate change and views the situation as a moral issue. Republicans speak out

Pope Francis

Pope Francis Takes to Twitter to Highlight Issues Raised in His Climate Change Address

The encyclical is considered one of the most important forms of writing to come from a Pope. After delivering his Laudato Si, or Encyclical, on the

Climate Change

Philippines begins climate change awareness movement called “People’s Pilgrimage”

Yeb Sano will visit many poor countries in his 6-month movement, the "People's Pilgrimage," to help them from effects of massive weather catastrophes. Yeb Sano,