Pope Francis Encyclical

Early Draft of Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical Leaked

Just days before it was meant to be released, Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change was leaked, disappointing the Vatican. Pope Francis’ highly anticipated

What Are Presidential Candidate Rick Perry’s Religious Beliefs?

Republican candidate Rick Perry has been guided by his Christian beliefs throughout his political career. How would those beliefs shape his presidency? Former Texas

Keep out of Politics, Stick to Preaching: Republicans to Pope Francis

Republican politicians urge Pope Francis to stay away from politics and concentrate on the work to lead people to Jesus Christ and Salvation. Republican politicians

Pope Francis’ Summer Summit on Climate Change; Conservatives’ Alarmed

This summer, Pope Francis will deliver an encyclical about the harm humans have caused to the environment and the impact on the poor. It

Ending Extreme Poverty

Interfaith Initiative Aims to End Global Poverty by 2030

World Bank urges global leaders to unite and put an end to impoverishment around the world. The World Bank has launched an interfaith initiative

A Religious Case against Climate Change Denial: Episcopal Church Raises Awareness

Katharine Jefferts Schori, the current head of the Episcopal Church, recently said in an interview with The Guardian that denying climate change is both

Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment Draws Interest

Pope Francis is preparing to issue his encyclical, a letter to all bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, on the environment. An official from

More than Half of U.S. Republicans want to make Christianity the National Religion

In blatant disregard of the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of religion, more than half (57%) of Christian Republicans in the U.S. are in favor

President Obama’s visit to India challenges the nation on these key issues

President Obama spoke about the issues of religious freedom, economic equality and women’s rights during his trip to India. In what appears to be

Pope Francis plans to fight the battles against climate change and poverty

Pope Francis seems to have big plans for 2015, including universal negotiations on the environment and social inequality. Pope Francis is planning to issue