Pope Francis Environment

Pope Focuses on Climate; Says It Is a Sin To Destroy Nature

The Supreme Pontiff urges Christians to beg for God’s forgiveness for destroying the environment. In what can be called a very drastic and radical

Bill Nye Answers Whether the Creation Vs. Evolution Debate Can Ever Be Settled

Bill Nye answers whether science and religion could ever be compatible. Bill Nye has taken on the political right before when talking about climate

Mercedes Benz Apologizes for Promotional Post Quoting Dalai Lama

Why Dalai Lama is Still “Hopeful About the World’s Future”

Dalai Lama opinion piece "Why I’m Hopeful About the World’s Future" for The Washington Post. An opinion piece, published in The Washington Post Monday,

Thousands of Atheists Attend Reason Rally in Washington D.C.

Atheists and freethinkers gathered in Washington D.C. at the Reason Rally 2016 The Lincoln Memorial located on the western end of the National Mall

Climate Change is Melting Qoyllur Riti, a Sacred Ice Tradition in Andes Mountains

Global warming is forcing a shift in Peru's Qoyllur Riti, or "Snow Star" festival. Last Sunday, May 22, was the occasion for a spectacular

Joe Biden and Pope Francis Join Forces in the Fight Against Cancer

Pope Francis and Joe Biden speak at the Vatican on finding a cure for cancer. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden visited Vatican City to

Creationists are Trying to Push Forward a Regressive Agenda on Darwin Day

Creationists are Trying to Push Forward a Regressive Agenda on Darwin Day

Creationism, despite proof to the contrary, refuses to go away. Science educators are trying hard to make people understand the beauty of science, and

Presidential debate

Your Guide to the Religions of the 7 U.S. Presidential Candidates

What are the religious beliefs of the 7 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates? Aside from their political goals or platforms, the Republican and Democratic presidential

Leonardo DiCaprio meets with Pope Francis

Pope Francis and Leonardo DiCaprio discussed environmental causes. Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood superstar, met Pope Francis privately to discuss what both of them passionately

Christina Figueres Credits Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh for Inspiring Climate Change Talks

Figueres says the teachings of Zen Master helped in Paris Climate Change negotiations A Buddhist monk and his counsel played an instrumental role in