Pope Francis Will Likely Confront U.S. Congress On These 6 Issues


The political Pope Francis is expected to speak on Mexican immigration, economics, capitalism, and the environment in front of Congress during is visit to America.

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States will be one of the biggest stories of the late summer and early fall. The political Pope Francis will be the first pontiff to ever speak in front of a joint session of Congress during his visit to America in September. His address to the United States Congress on September 24 could turn out to be his most memorable stop.

The Pope has gained support from both sides of the aisle over the past few years, reports the Huffington Post. Republicans appreciate his support of the traditional Catholic, anti-abortion message. Democrats smile when the Pope expresses his views on climate change and income equality.

Catholic Democrats are especially excited. For example, Massachusetts’ Jim McGovern has been “waiting for this Pope all [his] life.”

But what will Pope Francis discuss with Congress? Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, top advisor to the Pope, says Francis will most likely focus on these six items, Religion News Service reports:

1. Pope Francis would like the United States to accept immigrants from Mexico instead of trying to find ways to keep them out. He believes that too many of them are dying trying to enter into Arizona and Texas. 

2. The Pope would also like to see Congress better control capitalism and fight to create economic equality both in the United States and around the world.

3. He will also state his belief that a strong middle class will strengthen families. Maradiaga said that “it is not fair that a system that is producing so much richness could walk side by side with so much poverty.”

4. Pope Francis has already made his views on the environment clear, but he reportedly will reiterate that point.

5. Perhaps the most-bitter pill for Congress to swallow will be Pope Francis’ challenge for all to encourage dialogue, not simply promoting ideology.

6. While his final message is clearly directed at politicians and lawmakers, Pope Francis is certainly challenging all people around the world to work together and share the resources of the planet equally.  


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