With Pressure from Trump Israel Bans Reps. Omar and Tlaib from Entering the Country

Reps. Omar and Tlaib Denounce Israel’s Travel Restrictions After Being Denied Entry

Bernie Sanders says it's a sign of enormous disrespect. In a stunning move that is reverberating throughout the international community, Israel has banned Reps.

Could These Be the First Muslim Women in Congress?

Could These Be the First Muslim Women in Congress?

History would be made even if one Muslim American female candidate wins. The 2018 political year is proving to be watershed for women in

Meet the Black Muslim Woman Running For Congress

Amatul-Wadud wants to represent working families and underserved voices. Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, a Springfield attorney, decided to compete for Congress as she felt hopeless with

Petition for 'Billy Graham Day'

Petition for National ‘Billy Graham Day’ Holiday Has Almost 110,000 Signatures

Billy Graham National Holiday petition blazes past 100,000 signatures Kyle Siler started a petition on Change.org, asking Congress, President Donald Trump, and other officials

Should There Be A Statue of Billy Graham in the Capitol?

Should There Be A Statue of Billy Graham in the Capitol?

The state must complete 10 steps to install a Billy Graham statue. Scarcely a day after Reverend Billy Graham's body lay in the rotunda

Congressman: Too Much Religion in Politics

Congressman Jared Huffman: Too Much Religion In Politics

Rep. Jared Huffman Comes Out As a Non-Believer Rep. Jared Huffman, a California Democratic Congressman, in an interview, announced he identifies as a humanist,

House Rejects Bill to Examine Islamic Leaders Based on Their Level of Extremism

The proposal asked the Pentagon to identify those Islamic leaders who teach a peaceful version of Islam and those who command extremist views. The

Religious Groups Call Out Health Care Bill

The bill is being attacked for targeting the poor. https://youtu.be/d8lGUiB52YA Several religious organizations have sent public letters and letters to Congress arguing against the

Catholic Bishops Asking Congress Not to Repeal Obamacare

The benefits of Obamacare have outweighed the original fears of the USCCB. Once the most opposed to the Obamacare policy, Catholic bishops are now

What Is the Religious Breakdown of the New Congress?

The 115th Congress is predominantly Christian. Even though the number of American adults who describe themselves as Christians has declined over the years, the