Prominent Atheist Rob Sherman Dies in Plane Crash, Days After Announcing Congressional Campaign

Green Party Candidate Rob Sherman’s plane wreck was found in the early hours of Saturday. One of America’s strongest fighters for separation of church

In a Rare Moment, LDS Elder Conducts Opening Prayer in Senate

Elder Todd Christofferson is one of very few LDS leaders given the opportunity to conduct the morning prayer at the Senate. Keeping in line

Congress Sued After Atheist Denied Chance to Give Invocation

Atheists file lawsuit against Congress for rejecting their invocation for the National Day of Prayer. The United States observed the National Day of Prayer

1,000 Rabbis Beg U.S. to Help Suffering Refugees

Rabbis from 46 states urge U.S. to accept refugees and not repeat mistakes from darker times About a 1,000 American rabbis have given their

The Pope Was Here: What Happened On His Journey Of The Heart

Highlights of Pope Francis' whirlwind U.S. Visit. Pope Francis’ 6-day visit to the United States is certainly a historic one not only because it’s

Pope Francis: Every Life is Sacred, End the Death Penalty

Pope urges Congress to respect life and treat it as sacred. The death penalty must be stopped worldwide. In his address to the Congress

The Pope In DC: Congress’ Reaction to the Challenge

Pope stresses the importance of the U.S. in fighting climate change and creating a society that is inclusive and tolerant. As part of his

Pope Francis Will Likely Confront U.S. Congress On These 6 Issues

The political Pope Francis is expected to speak on Mexican immigration, economics, capitalism, and the environment in front of Congress during is visit to

Catholics defend religious freedom following U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision could pose huge obstacles to the free exercise of religion and conscience across the United States. U.S. Catholics defend the

Congress 2015

Pew Research Finds 114th Congress Dominated by Christians

A new study by Pew Research has found that over 90% of the 114th Congress will be made up of Christians, while atheists will