“God Spoke To Me” -Reintroduce Anti-Abortion Bill This Time Without Rape and Incest Exemption Says Florida Rep.

“God Spoke To Me” -Reintroduce Anti-Abortion Bill This Time Without Rape and Incest Exemption Says Florida Rep.

Mike Hill proposed SB 235 in March but wasn't given a hearing Florida Representative Mike Hill is coming under fire after he has come

Catholic School Apologizes to Native American Elder After Being Mocked by Students

Covington Catholic School Apologizes to Native American Elder After He Was Mocked by Students

The school apologized and promised to take appropriate action Kentucky's Covington Catholic High School has apologized after multiple videos showed its students confronting Native

Alabama Voters Allow Government to Show Ten Commandments

Alabama Voters Allow Government to Display Ten Commandments

Voters approve government right to display the Ten Commandments The vote held on November 6, 2018, resulted in Alabama voters approving an amendment that

Pope Francis Slams Trump’s Immigration Policy As “Immoral”

Pope Francis Compares Abortion to Nazi Hate Crimes

Pope Francis decried the present “throwaway” culture. Pope Francis sharply denounced the practice of abortion[/tweetit] during an interaction with Italy's Family Association delegation in

Catholics and Evangelicals Rift Builds Over Politics

Rift Builds Between Catholics and Evangelicals Over Politics

Abortion and immigration drove a wedge between the two Christian groups. Pope Francis and United States President Donald J. Trump's ascension to power has

Speculation Mounting in Alabama Senate Race – Abortion, Black Christians

It helps Republicans that Alabama is a conservative state. Outside Alabama, the key issue being discussed in the Alabama senate race is the allegations

Sandra Bullock Let Her Speak

Sandra Bullock to Star as Wendy Davis in New Movie

Davis filibustered an abortion bill Sandra Bullock, the noted Hollywood actress, is all set to play the lead role in Let Her Speak. She

Sam Brownback Elected Ambassador of Religious Freedom

Unpopular Governor Changes Roles President Trump announced the nomination of Sam Brownback, the Kansas Governor, as the head of Office of International Religious Freedom.

Duterte’s Call For Free Birth Control is Another Push Against Catholic Church in the Philippines

Duterte makes birth control free in one of the world's most Catholic countries. The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte has signed an executive

Donald Trump’s Religion and Beliefs

While some rumors say he is Catholic and others say Episcopalian, Trump’s religious beliefs have always been a matter of debate. Although his views