35% of White Evangelicals Support Trump Because He is Not Clinton

35% of White Evangelicals Support Trump Because He is Not Clinton

Pew Research reveals why evangelicals support Trump Religion is a key factor that presidential nominees are playing on in their race to win. Be

Tim Kaine Might Be Popular with Religious ‘Nones’

The Jesuit spirituality of Tim Kaine could be for the 'nones' There is the growing group that the recent Pew Research Center's Religious Landscape

Abortion or Racism? Evangelicals on Which Sin is Worse

For Evangelicals it has become a question of which is the worse sin. Abortion or Racism? Evangelical Christians who oppose abortion have always had

The Anti-Abortion March for Life is Growing

March for Life: Evangelicals join Catholics in the pro-life march. Evangelical organizations increasingly consider anti-abortion activities as one of its top aims. The Focus

10 Things About Mormons That Actually Aren’t True

Breaking down preconceived notions about Mormons. Even if there have been numerous efforts before to break the misconceptions about the Latter-day Saints Church or

Comparing The Satanic Temple's Tenets to the Bible's Ten Commandments

Comparing The Satanic Temple’s Tenets to the Bible’s Ten Commandments

The seven tenets of Satan are much more sensible than the Ten Commandments There are many who loathe the Satanic faith and believe that

Pope Francis Will Likely Confront U.S. Congress On These 6 Issues

The political Pope Francis is expected to speak on Mexican immigration, economics, capitalism, and the environment in front of Congress during is visit to