Pope Francis Slams Trump’s Immigration Policy As “Immoral”

Pope Francis Compares Abortion to Nazi Hate Crimes

Pope Francis

Pope Francis decried the present “throwaway” culture.

Pope Francis sharply denounced the practice of abortion[/tweetit] during an interaction with Italy's Family Association delegation in Rome on June 16. He compared the medical procedure with Nazi-era eugenics. The pontiff also reiterated the conservative belief of the Roman Catholic Church that a human family can only consist of man and woman. The Vatican confirmed the statements made by the pope.

Pope Francis Compares Abortion to Nazi Hate Crimes[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis deviated from his prepared speech to speak from his heart concerning families and the many trials they suffer. He lamented the practice of many couples selecting the option not to have any children. Many couples, the pope pointed out, go for prenatal testing to find out whether the coming baby suffers from any genetic problems or malformations. He then told his audience that if such defects are found, then the initial proposal in such an instance is to dispose of the baby. He deplored the murder of such children, and castigated their parents, saying they kill an innocent to enjoy “an easy life.” The pontiff recalled a story he heard from his teacher during his younger days. It concerned children being thrown off from high mountains. Their only fault was they had congenital disabilities. Pope Francis made his comments a few days after his home nation Argentina voted to authorize a bill which would make abortion legal within 14 weeks of pregnancy.

Other than his unequivocal stance against abortions, Pope Francis also made his audience understood where he, and by extension, the Catholic Church in Rome, stands in the context of ‘diversified’ families. He said the word ‘diversified’ means ‘different types’ and should be used only in the context of the family of animals and family of stars. When it comes to humans, it should be used in only one meaning: a union of man and woman. He continued to say that it does not matter if the couple concerned is a non-believer. They are made in God's image even if the couple does not believe in any God.

It is amply clear Pope Francis has continued the rigid anti-abortion stance taken by his predecessors. The pontiff has integrated his conservatism into his condemnation of what he terms “throwaway culture.” He had earlier lamented on how the poor, the elderly, the sick, and now the unborn are now viewed as unsuitable for providing protection. The society likes individual prowess and eschews dignity in most situations.


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