Sandra Bullock Let Her Speak

Sandra Bullock to Star as Wendy Davis in New Movie

Sandra Bullock Let Her Speak
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Davis filibustered an abortion bill

Sandra Bullock, the noted Hollywood actress, is all set to play the lead role in Let Her Speak. She will play a real-life character Wendy Davis, a Texas Senator. Davis shot into the limelight when she single-handedly filibustered an anti-abortion bill tabled in the Texas state House. The film will be produced by Escape Artists company. Jason Blumenthal and Todd Black will be producing.

Sandra Bullock to Star as Wendy Davis in New Movie[/tweetthis]

Bullock, by all means, made an excellent choice. A noted film magazine has pointed out that she plays such roles with aplomb. She won her first Oscar portraying Leigh Anne Tuohy, a real-life character in The Blind Side. The veteran actor has just finished production of Ocean's Eight, a spinoff from the blockbuster Ocean's Eleven series of films. She is all set to begin filming on Bird Box, a movie being financed by Netflix.

Davis is known to be favorite of left-leaning media. In 2013, during her term as state senator, she filibustered a particular bill brought in to stop later term abortions. She continued for 11 hours wearing a urinary catheter and pink sneakers. Her filibuster action took the Senate in the state to recess.

Davis' critics pointed out that although she won the abortion battle, she lost the war. The Republican legislature subsequently called a special session. The bill was passed soon afterward. Rick Perry, the then Texas Governor, signed the bill into law in 2013. There were subsequently legal challenges. The Supreme Court then blocked all regulations imposed on the abortion clinics. The 20-week ban, however, continued to remain in place. This happened as it was not included in this legal challenge.

Davis subsequently continued her days as a state Senator until her term expired, but she is still active in the space. Following Trump becoming the United States President in 2016, she again came into media attention. The Democrat victories in New Jersey and Virginia last week pushed her into the limelight once more. She told the assembled media that there is a possibility of running for office again. Her final decisions will depend on the prevailing political climate. Davis had also run for the state Governor position but was never a true contender. She lost her bid by about 20 percentage points to Greg Abbott, the present Texas Governor and a Republican. She was accused by the opposition of frequently changing her mind on a number of important issues, including abortion.


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