Faith Vs Fact Jerry Coyne

Jerry Coyne’s New Book, ‘Faith vs. Fact,’ says Religion…

In his new book, Jerry Coyne has enumerated several instances proving that religion and science can never co-exist. Read More

Martyrdom OfT he Bab

Baha’is Commemorate Martyrdom of the Bab on July 9

Beginning July 9, Baha’is will commemorate the 158th anniversary of the Bab’s martyrdom. This week, on July 9, Read More

Orthodox Music Conference Concludes With Record Attendance and Celebratory…

Musicians, scholars, singers, and composers from all over the world gather to learn about Orthodox Christian Music in Read More

Unorthodox Taoist Priest Liang Xingyang Attacks U.S. Official’s Statement…

Xingyang is offended by Daniel Russel's use of the concept of feng shui, an ancient Taoist tradition. Last Read More

American Patriotism

Survey: American patriotism is strong but increasingly troubled

Being “truly American” means speaking English, believing in God, being born in the United States, and being Christian. Read More