Climate Change Deniers Have “Perverse Attitudes” Says Pope Francis


The Pope blames humans for global warming.

Pope Francis unequivocally denounced global warming deniers[/tweetit] as he requested climate talks negotiators in Germany not to fall into the trap of what he termed “perverse attitudes.” He instead asked them to speed up efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Change Deniers Have “Perverse Attitudes” Says Pope Francis[/tweetthis]

The pontiff made the statement on November 16. His intended audience was clearly participants of the Bonn meeting. The latter are trying to implement the 2015 Paris Accord. The said agreement is aimed at restricting global emissions.

Although Pope Francis did not single out any country by name for censure, his message was clearly for one country that has signaled its withdrawal from the Paris Accord, the United States. President Donald J. Trump has a number of people in his administration who are climate change skeptics. They are not convinced human activity remains the principal factor behind the worldwide rise in temperatures. The American government is now promoting active use of coal and other fossil fuels to quench energy requirements in the United States.

In his communique, the pope termed climate change as one of the more worrisome phenomena being faced by humanity during the present time. He requested negotiators to take due action not influenced by economic or political pressures or any kind of special interests. He told the Bonn participants to engage in transparent dialogue as the outcome affects earth's future itself. The aim of the meeting, officially known as '23rd Conference of the Parties' is created to find out how the participating countries will implement Paris climate accord. The latter pact was signed by almost 200 nations in 2015. The objective is to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions across the world.

Pope Francis is not new in his pro-climate stance. In his landmark 2015 speech about the environment encyclical, the pontiff said that global warming largely the effect of human activity. He asked for the fossil fuels to be phased out in a progressive manner sans any kind of delay. The highest-ranking Catholic church official has made it clear that he believes humans are the main culprit behind the myriad climatic problems earth faces now. He laid out a clear theological and moral argument for solving climate change. The pope also requested Catholics all over the world to ensure that these issues become a top priority. When Pope Francis met President Trump, the former gifted the latter a copy of the “Laudato Si,” along with a number of other gifts.


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