Pope Francis Warns on Climate Change: Turning Earth into a Desert, Pile of Rubble

Pope Francis Warns on Climate Change: Earth will be “Rubble, Deserts and Refuse”

The pontiff urged governments to honor Paris climate agreement Pope Francis, speaking at a Vatican conference, asked governments around the world to honor the

Climate Change Deniers Have “Perverse Attitudes” Says Pope Francis

The Pope blames humans for global warming. Pope Francis unequivocally denounced global warming deniers[/tweetit] as he requested climate talks negotiators in Germany not to

Vatican is Snubbed by Trump’s Decision to Leave Paris Climate Accord

President Trump is believed to be influenced by U.S. oil lobbyists. The Vatican scorned United States President Donald Trump over his decision to exit

Televangelist Says the 12 Disciples Were “All Trump”

"If you look at the disciples...they were all Donald Trump" says Televangelist Rick Joyner Rick Joyner, the well-known televangelist and climate change denier, has

15-foot-tall Buddha Statue Unveiled at Chicago Skatepark

Urban Buddha: the new attraction at Chicago's Grant Park. The Chicago Grant Park Conservancy has added a new art attraction at its Skate Park

Human Modification: For Man or Against Nature?

Religious people believe genetic manipulation is "crossing the line." Scientific technology has made incredible leaps in changing the face of the earth as we

Dalai Lama: This is not a Political Matter, Not Religious. It’s About Survival.

In a new video, the Dalai Lama calls for united action on global warming. 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner and the 14th Dalai Lama

Here are 10 Facts About the State of Religion in America Right Now

Religion in America is changing each year. Here are the most important facts to know right now. The Pew Research Center has compiled a