Human Modification: For Man or Against Nature?

Religious people believe genetic manipulation is “crossing the line.”

Scientific technology has made incredible leaps in changing the face of the earth as we know it. Of course, to say that these changes have only done good for our world would be wrong as we are already suffering from the side-effects of it: global-warming, vanishing species, abnormal weather conditions and worst of all, a disconnected human race.

Critics have argued that somewhere in this crazy race for technological development, we have focused only on improving our sense of ease, and have completely overlooked taking nature into consideration. As such, we are quivering on the edge of an unstable future thanks to an unsustainable present. Human transformation using modern technology is just yet another debatable topic for critics who believe that nature should be left as it is.

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Modern science has come up with a number of options for a person to enhance or change oneself. Notable among these are the brain chips to enhance brain capacities, genetic manipulation in fetuses to produce superior and disease-immune offspring and synthetic blood transfusions. Science is looking at a future where people can change themselves physically or utilize their brain capacity to the maximum. For people who are not religious at all or have very free and relaxed religious views these options seem like very good solutions to most problems the human race is facing today.

Religious people, however, argue that these technologies are crossing the limit. They say that until now, the human race has caused enough damage to nature in their endeavor to solve the complex problems that they themselves have created. Use of these new technologies will only further destroy the world and create more complications to deal with.

It is a very tricky matter to decide whether or not these technologies are a good development. The following points summarize why the religious are against the use of these developments:

Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center
  • Nature knows its job and has been doing quite well until human meddling. Nature takes things at a pace that is slow, but sustainable and safe for everyone.
  • Humans will lose more of their “humanness” and become more like computerized forms.
  • This will create a chasm between those who can afford them, and those who cannot.
  • Conspiracy theorists assert that these technologies are only going to enable “control systems” to gain better control over us.

While both parties have valid points, making a concrete decision is always going to be difficult. Perhaps if scientists find a more sustainable method that makes things better for all of nature and at a pace that will take all the species and parts of nature into account, a better compromise can be reached by the two factions.


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