Clayton Christensen photo by World Economic Forum Wikimedia Commons

Faith Moves More Than Mountains: How the Church of Latter-day Saints Inspired a Tech Revolution by T. Riggs Eckelberry

In tech circles, we tend to hand out to others the books that impress us. I once did that with a book called Focus,

LDS on the Internet to Expand Teachings

LDS Missionaries Using the Internet to Expand Teachings

Ten years ago, the Provo Missionary Training Center started on an experiment on social media. Since that time, their efforts have witnessed tremendous growth,

Sadiq Khan at SXSW

London Mayor Addresses Hate Speech during SXSW Talk

Sadiq Khan shows the need for curbing hate speech SXSW or South by Southwest Festival is mostly regarded by the general public as a

Amish Embracing Use of Technology at Work, But Vow to Keep It Out of Their Homes

The community is savvier than assumed when it comes to harnessing the many technological benefits It is common for outsiders to assume that the

In Japan You Can Order A Priest on Amazon

In Japan You Can Order A Priest on Amazon

Rent a Buddhist monk online through Amazon in Japan. The days when technology and religion were at odds with each other are in the

Crisis in Faith: The Younger Generation Leaving the Catholic Church

Crisis in Faith: The Younger Generation Leaving the Catholic Church

Georgetown study shows why the Catholic youth are losing faith. The youth of today have had to deal with issues that no other generation

Human Modification: For Man or Against Nature?

Religious people believe genetic manipulation is "crossing the line." Scientific technology has made incredible leaps in changing the face of the earth as we

LDS Church Releases Journal of 19th-Century Mormon Leader George Q. Cannon

Church Historian’s Press has released all volumes of Mormon Leader George Q. Cannon’s Journal online. According to the director of publications for the LDS

Millennials Lack Interest in Religion; Skeptical of News Media

Traditional news outlets and religion are falling out a favor in the younger generation. Today’s youngest generation or those alternately called as Millennials have

Apple Religion

Has our passion for technology replaced religious devotion?

What is the relationship between religion and technology? For most people, the connection is not inherently obvious. But to those who have ever fallen