Millennials Lack Interest in Religion; Skeptical of News Media


Traditional news outlets and religion are falling out a favor in the younger generation.

Millennials' ratings of news media, religious organizations declineToday’s youngest generation or those alternately called as Millennials have experienced a significant increase on their positive views or interest to small businesses, large corporations, banks and other financial institutions and labor unions. But on the other hand, their views on national news media and religious organizations have plummeted over the past five years. These are the most prominent facts revealed by the recently released 2015 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

The study on the positive views or ratings of national institutions made two comparisons; the 2015 results versus that of 2010 and the data comparison across all generations. Survey respondents include; the Millennials (born from 1980s until today), Generation X (late 60’s to late 70’s), Baby Boomers (Post WWII 1946 to early 60’s), and the Silent Generation (1920s to 1040s). The list of national institutions pulsed include; labor unions, colleges and universities, small businesses, energy industry, technology companies, entertainment industry, large corporations, banks and other financial institutions, national news media, and churches and religious organizations.

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Generational differences in views of key institutionsIn 2010, Millennials’ positive rating of churches and religious organizations was the highest across all generations at 73%. But in 2015, only 55% of Millennials say that churches and religious organizations create a positive impact to the country. Opinion of the Gen X, Boomers and Silents on other hand remained steady with just a few points increase. This eventually confirms the dwindling influence of religion and secularization of today’s youth. A lot of young individuals are becoming less religious and just prefer to remain spiritual.

Public views on national news media were already negative from the beginning. In 2010, only 27% of Boomers and Silents agree that news media has a positive contribution while it’s only 29% for the Gen X. Five years ago, Millennials are the only ones with a slightly optimistic view at 40%. But today, only 27% of Millennials provided positive remarks to news media. Additionally, national news media has the lowest score among all the institutions surveyed.

On the positive side, the industry that gained the highest rating among Millennials is the small businesses. From 2010’s 71%, it now jumped to 86%. Small businesses are also seen as positive contributors to the nation by all other generations. Large corporations have also seen a 10-point increase (28% to 38%) in positive ratings from Millennials although they gained a low overall score. The same percentage increase (from 35% to 45%) was reported for banks and other financial institution.

Labor unions were also seen by the younger generator as positive contributors to the nation. From the previous 49% approval rating from Millennials, it now enjoys a 57% share. Analysts see the “Fight for $15” campaign across the US as the main contributor to such increase. Labor unions were the key groups behind the petition to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Technology companies is the number two highly rated institution enjoying well above 70% positive views from Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers. Colleges and universities gained 73% approval rating from Millennials, 64% from Gen X, 59% from Boomers, and 51% from Silents. There’s a divided opinion on the energy industry and very low scores for the entertainment industry with an average score of just 30%.


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