CofE Affiliation Hits Record Low

Church of England Affiliation Hits Record Low

A new survey by British Social Attitudes sheds light on the change in religious affiliation. It looks like the Church of England is facing

British Prince Louis’s Christening Captivates World

British Prince Louis’ Christening Captivates World

Royal Baptism Begins Young Prince Louis' Spiritual Journey Prince Louis of England has joined his family’s faith. The young royal baby has begun his

Alexa Will Now Help You Pray

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Help You Pray

New Skill Shows How Christianity Is Getting Tech Savy The Church of England (CoE) has begun an Alexa “skill” as a component of a

Meghan Markle Officially Joins Church of England

Meghan Markle Officially Joins Church of England

Meghan Markle becomes Church of England's newest member after getting baptized in a private ceremony Meghan Markle is getting ready to tie the knot

First female bishop of London

CoE Appoints First Female Bishop of London

Sarah Mullally was a nurse before becoming a priest. Sarah Mullally has been appointed to the post of Bishop of London.[/tweetit] She is the

Controversy In Royal Marriage

Religious Controversy in Marriage of Prince Harry

Is The Angelican Church Creating Excuses For The Royal Family? There is a controversy about the marriage of Prince Harry of Great Britain to

Valuing All God's Children

Church of England Encourages Schools to Explore Gender Identity with Children

The 'Valuing All God's Children' document is 52 pages long Teachers are being advised by Church of England (CoE) to permit and also encourage

Over half the UK has no religion

Survey Says Over Half of British People Have No Religion

Young People Lead A newly released National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) survey finds that a large proportion of UK residents proclaim to be

Christians United Nashville Statement

Thousands of Christian Leaders Denounce Nashville Statement

Its statements are incompatible with the modern age Christian leaders, advocates, theologians and pastors in the thousands have roundly denounced the brutal 'Nashville Statement.’[/tweetit]

In the UK, Exorcisms are Becoming Commonplace

Psychiatric medical assistance is declined in favor of prayer As per a report by Theos, a Christian think-tank, exorcisms now constitute a thriving industry