Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin Welby Hopes to Heal the Divisions between the Anglican Community by Dividing it Almost Entirely

Welby wants to serve both liberals and conservatives, but the divided Anglican Church may need to be restructured first. Justin Welby was appointed as

Transgender Community Finds Unexpected Welcome Across Different Faith Groups

Transgender individuals are finding support in religion for strength during their transitions. For ages, people who have struggled with their gender identity did not

Fantasy Author Terry Pratchett and his Religious Beliefs

Terry Pratchett was the author of the Discworld fantasy series. He passed away this month at 66-years-old, after fighting Alzheimer’s disease. Pratchett’s parents were

Church Of England Credit Union

The Church of England starts a credit union

In a move that has pleasantly surprised many of its members, The Church of England has decided to take steps towards making its own

Church of England Announces Libby Lane as First Female Bishop

Only a month after legislation passed approving the appointment of female bishops, the Church of England has announced that Reverend Libby Lane will become

Church Of England Divide

Female Bishops Further Divide Vatican and Church of England

The Church of England's decision to allow female bishops might hinder the relationship with Catholics. The General Synod of the Church of England recently

Women Bishops

Church of England Votes to Allow Women Bishops

In an historic vote, the governing body of the Church of England voted Monday to allow women bishops within the church. This decision raises


The Church of England backing down on same-sex marriage legislation: A sign of our times?

A widely debated issue these days is the issue of same-sex marriage. People from all walks of life can easily be polarized when it