Gay Activist is Calling Out Churches for Spiritual Abuse

Church blamed for ignoring the “Spiritual Abuse” of LGBTQI Christians. A well-known gay activist from the Church of England (CoE) claims to have undergone

LGBT Christians Say Church of England has Turned Their Back on Them

LGBT Christians voice their thoughts on the Church of England synod vote. For years now the LGBT community has been in the spotlight as

50% of Anglicans See No Problem with Same-Sex Couples

Anglicans are changing their views on same-sex relationships. The latest findings of NatCen's British Social Attitudes reveal that 50 percent of Anglicans believe there

Church of England Bishops Will Not Change Stance on Gay Marriage

Church of England's opposition to gay marriage still stands. A report written by the House of Bishops has stated the Church of England must

Parents Fear Religion Will Ruin Their Children's Social Lives

Parents Fear Religion Will Ruin Their Children’s Social Lives

Research shows UK parents fear passing on their religion to their children will "alienate" them in school. The number of “religious nones’ is on

Atheist Richard Dawkins Has a Stroke, Church of England Offers Prayers

Atheist Richard Dawkins Has a Stroke, Church of England Offers Prayers

Church of England wishes Richard Dawkins a speedy recovery by offering prayers, ironically Dawkins doesn't believe in prayer. Richard Dawkins, scientist and outspoken atheist,

Jesus: Man, Myth or God? Research Study on England's Christian Beliefs

Jesus: Man, Myth or God? Research Study on England’s Christian Beliefs

Study on the Perceptions of Jesus, Christians & Evangelism in the U.K. As Christians all over the globe gathered to commemorate Ash Wednesday, the

Church of England Attendance Hits a Record Low

Church of England attendance has declined by 24,000 since 2014. The Church of England is known to be bleeding followers for quite a while

Great Britain Paves the Way for Three Parent Babies, Raises Moral Issues for Christians

Ethical objections raised to creating "designer" babies by using DNA from three parents to avoid severe medical conditions. Is it "playing God?" The British

Earliest Draft of King James Bible In The World Accidentally Found

The historic King James Bible draft was hiding in plain sight, says academic. A New Jersey professor may have found the earliest draft of