50% of Anglicans See No Problem with Same-Sex Couples

Anglicans are changing their views on same-sex relationships.

The latest findings of NatCen's British Social Attitudes reveal that 50 percent of Anglicans believe there is nothing with relationships between individuals of the same sex.[/tweetit] The findings were presented before the ruling body of Church of England. The church has until now refused to change its teaching on marriage. It says that the institution of marriage can only happen between a woman and a man.

50% of Anglicans See No Problem with Same-Sex Couples.[/tweetthis]

The timing of the survey, published on February 14, coincides with the Church of England debating report on relationships between individuals of the same sex. Many have accused the Church of England to be completely out of touch when it comes to understanding modern society. This is especially true on the marriage equality issue.

The figures clearly spell out that half of those who regard themselves as Anglican regard gay relationships as an acceptable part of society. It is to be remembered the statistics are not extracted from regular churchgoers. The respondents were regular individuals who identified themselves as Anglican in this survey.

The figures underline a change in the attitudes Anglicans have towards same sex relationships. Only 17 percent of the survey respondents said gay relationships are “always wrong.” This survey is lowest from the time the survey was first done in 1983. The figure against same sex relationships in that year was about 51 percent.

A marked difference exists between the Anglicans and other different religious groups. People professing to follow no religion are found to be the most open-minded of all. Among them, 73 percent said same sex relationships are acceptable.

A campaign written by the bishops is presently underway to reject this report. The campaign is gaining traction and a vote on this matter is expected in the near future. It is well known that the Church of England faces new tension over its standing on gay relationships. This division was festering for a long time, but exploded after a number of retired bishops totally criticized the present bishops for the latter's failure to prevent the marginalization of church members identifying themselves with the LGBT community. The letter stated that while the LGBT people's pain is stated in the report, the authentic voice is missing. This is why a change of culture and tone is not tenable. Change thus does not carry conviction. 


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