Family Rally Pope Francis is Attending Will have a speech on Welcoming Gays

Family Rally Pope Francis is Attending Will Have a Speech on Welcoming Gays

The Irish have increasingly voted to isolate themselves from traditional Catholic principles Pope Francis' Dublin visit will land him in a country whose citizens

Examining Trump’s Executive Order on Religious Exemptions

Trump signs an executive order granting exemptions for religious organizations. President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that expands the freedom faith-based organizations

Reality TV Show Brings RFRA Case on Catering Gay Wedding to Your TV Screen

'You the Jury' brings up a controversial incident surrounding a pizzeria's refusal to cater a gay wedding. FOX's new reality show You the Jury,

LGBT Christians Say Church of England has Turned Their Back on Them

LGBT Christians voice their thoughts on the Church of England synod vote. For years now the LGBT community has been in the spotlight as

50% of Anglicans See No Problem with Same-Sex Couples

Anglicans are changing their views on same-sex relationships. The latest findings of NatCen's British Social Attitudes reveal that 50 percent of Anglicans believe there

Mormon Church proposes support for LGBT Community: with exceptions

The Mormon Church announced that they will support gay rights protection and religious freedom. After years of talks on the subject, it seems that