Meghan Markle Officially Joins Church of England

Meghan Markle Officially Joins Church of England

Meghan Markle Officially Joins Church of England
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Meghan Markle becomes Church of England’s newest member after getting baptized in a private ceremony

Meghan Markle is getting ready to tie the knot with Prince Harry.[/tweetit] According to Daily Mail, Meghan Markle attended a private ceremony held at St. James’s Place, in London. Present at the ceremony was Prince Harry, her fiancé, and Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Megan Markle joins Church of England

Justin Welby conducted the baptizing service, which lasted for 45 minutes, allowing Meghan to join the ranks of the Church of England. The service took place in the evening, at Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace. The Archbishop used River Jordan as the source for the holy water to baptize the American actor.

Although the Kensington Palace hasn’t made an official statement, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall were present at the private ceremony, as the crown’s representatives. They organized a small dinner to honor Meghan for her decision to get baptized. However, Queen Elizabeth II wasn’t at the ceremony. Also, Kensington Palace hasn’t made an official statement about the attendees for the event.

Meghan formed a strong bond with Welby after the Archbishop guided her about the sacraments and rites of the Church of England.

Even though it wasn’t necessary for the American actor to undertake baptism, she went through with it anyway. Her decision to be a part of the Anglican faith shows how much she respects the Church of England’s head, Queen Elizabeth II.

Empowering women in the UK

Two days after her baptizing ceremony, she stepped out with Prince Harry, making a public appearance in Birmingham. The duo was greeted by a large number of fans while wearing navy coats. The happy pair has been making various public appearances, after the announcement of their engagement. They also spent Christmas with the royal family, with the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, her husband.

Both of them were in Birmingham for launching an important project to mark the auspicious International Women’s Day. The project aims to inspire young women to strive towards careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Prince William, Catherine, Prince Harry, and Meghan attended an event on February 28, to talk about the Royal Foundation’s future.

At present, Meghan has a lot on her hands, due to the wedding preparations. She is expected to continue working hard on empowering women and girls residing in the UK after her marriage.

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