Switchfoot is Back With A New Message

Switchfoot is Back with a New Message

Switchfoot is Back with a New Message
By Craig ONeal (Switchfoot Live!) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
The band has released a new single called “Native Tongue.”

Alternative and Christian Rock band Switchfoot has come back after a year hiatus, and they are bringing a new message with them.[/tweetit] According to the front man John Foreman, they want to spread a message of love to everyone. He said “In a world driven by fear we wanted this album to be a love letter,” and they are “Calling anyone with ears to hear back to a beauty and transcendence that does not rely on the fallible rhetoric of force.” 

Switchfoot is Back with a New Message[/tweetthis]

Their new album, Native Tongue has been announced, and they have released their first single, also called “Native Tongue.” This references the concept that people are not innately hateful. Instead, they are made that way. Thus, love is a person’s Native Tongue.

The album was first teased with the message “The journey begins… 10/19/18” back in September, and has now resulted in the presentation of tour dates that will take them across America in the months to come. Even though the band has been around for more than two decades, they are still trying to reach people with their unique voice and message.

The album release date is set for January 19, 2019, and the band will hit the road in February.


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