Dr. Pastor Robert Jeffress: If Building the Border Wall Is "Immoral" Then "God Is Immoral"

Pastor Robert Jeffress: If Building the Border Wall Is “Immoral” Then “God Is Immoral”

Pastor Robert Jeffress: If Building the Border Wall Is
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Jeffress compared Trump’s wall to the Book of Nehemiah.

Megachurch evangelical pastor and vociferous supporter of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, Robert Jeffress, defended the security plan of the GOP leader by saying that even Heaven will have a wall. During his interview with FOX & Friends, he made these statements as a kind of reply to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s description of the US-Mexico border wall as “immoral.” Pelosi is an elected Democrat from California. Jeffress is the senior pastor of the Dallas First Baptist Church.

Pastor Robert Jeffress: If Building the Border Wall Is “Immoral” Then “God Is Immoral”[/tweetthis]

In Trump’s defense, Jeffress said “The Bible says even Heaven itself is gonna have a wall around it. Not everybody is going to be allowed in. So if walls are immoral, then God is immoral.”

Pastor Robert Jeffress: If Building the Border Wall Is
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The right-wing pastor then targeted Democrats and termed them immoral for opposing President Trump’s grand plan to keep Americans safe. He also shed doubts concerning the morality of liberals who support the activities of “sanctuary cities.” These cities provide a safe haven to illegal immigrants. The pastor was effusive in praising Trump in the interview, saying that Americans should thank God for a president like him. According to the pastor, Trump takes his oath of office quite seriously and does not shirk from anything to keep the country safe.

Jeffress, to boost his pro-Trump speech, took excerpts from the Old Testament to make his case. He especially quoted the Book of Nehemiah. As per scriptures, Nehemiah, a Jewish leader, was instructed by God to erect a wall encircling Jerusalem to keep its inhabitants safe. It is believed that Nehemiah was a local chief living in 5th century B.C. The president latched on to the flow of the interview pretty quick. During his Oval Office address, Trump said politicians do not construct walls around their residences as they hate people living outside. The walls are built as they love those who live inside.

When it comes to ordinary U.S. Christians, sharp divisions are observed on this specific issue. As per data extracted from Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), about 67 percent of the white evangelical Christians are in favor of constructing a border wall. 52 percent of Mainline Protestants also support the plan. When it comes to Catholics, 56 percent of white Christians support the building of a border wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. In contrast, 73 percent of those of Hispanic origin oppose the wall.


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