Muslim Group Fighting to Keep Frank Graham from Entering the UK

Muslim Group Fighting to Keep Franklin Graham from Entering the UK

Muslim Group Fighting to Keep Frank Graham from Entering the UK
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Muslims and LGBTs are against the American evangelical preacher

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) wants American evangelist Franklin Graham to be stopped from entering the UK.[/tweetit] The MCB believes that the preacher should not be given a visa as he openly spews hatred and bigotry. Graham is the son of Billy Graham, a famous U.S. evangelist and founded the relief organization bearing the name Samaritan's Purse. If all goes as per schedule, the American will make a speech in Blackpool in the latter weeks of September. His speech will be one of the highlights of the Christian festival.

Muslim Group Fighting to Keep Franklin Graham from Entering the UK[/tweetthis]

The MCB has collaborated with three members of parliament to demand that the UK Home Office exercises its powers to deny a visa to Graham. It pointed out that the UK Government has earlier banned persons who they labeled "not conducive to the public good." The Muslim organization further went on to say that Graham's hateful remarks are on record and they clearly show hatred against Muslims along with a number of other minorities.

The MCB's fears are well-founded. Controversies abound concerning Graham's inflammatory statements concerning Islam. He has spoken on record saying that Islam is a wicked religion and the belief system cultivates evil. The American evangelist has also fiercely opposed gay marriage and homosexuality. The preacher said Trump's electoral win was clear evidence of God influencing American politics. He termed ex-President Barack Obama a person born to the Islamic faith. He also claimed that Satan is the creator of LGBT rights and gay marriage.

When it comes to Graham himself, he has categorically denied any intention to preach hate. He said he is flying to Britain to preach about Jesus Christ, who the American described as a savior. The Chief Executive Officer and President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association said that putting trust and faith in Christ can make a positive difference in any person's life. Blackpool South's MP, Gordon Marsden, is believed to be planning to write to the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, asking the British Government to refuse the evangelical preacher a visa.

Other than the MCB, the Blackpool speech is also being opposed by several LGBT groups. Blackpool Transport did not allow advertisement promoting the event, named Festival of Hope, to be installed on its buses. The event is scheduled to take place over 3 days, September 21 to September 23.


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