Knights of Columbus Urge Catholics Not to Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates


Knights of Columbus remind Catholics that “abortion is murder.”

The powerful Catholic lay fraternity, the Knights of Columbus have given a cry to Catholics nationwide to not vote for candidates who are in support of abortion. Carl Anderson, the leader of the fraternity came down heavily on abortion calling it “murder” and reminded Catholics that it is their duty to vote for someone who is against abortion.

Knights of Columbus Urge Catholics Not to Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates[/tweetthis]

Anderson says that abortion is not just “another political issue.” Echoing the views of the Catholic Church, he says that abortion is an issue of murdering innocent children in their wombs and as such cannot be treated lightly for political campaigns. He further states that this issue is one that outweighs everything else and has called it a “legal regime” as so far abortions are said to have taken away close to 40 million lives.

Speaking at the international convention of the Knights of Columbus at Toronto, Anderson has accused politicians of misusing the beliefs of Catholics in their campaigns and has called all the Catholics to put an end to it. Anderson says that every Catholic should realize his duty towards human life and disentangle themselves from pro-abortion campaigns. He said there can be no excuse for supporting abortion whatsoever.

The Catholic Church has been the traditional enemy of abortion rights and is a strong opponent towards legalizing abortion in the U.S.A. The Church believes that every life comes from God, and God alone can choose to take it away. As such, human beings are simply “stewards of the gift of life” and have no right to take life away. In addition to abortion, the Church also opposes euthanasia, using condoms and contraceptives as well.

As one of the most influential church groups, the Knights have taken it on themselves to remind the Catholics about the stand the Church takes when it comes to abortion. While Trump has openly opposed abortion in his campaigns, his rival Hillary Clinton seems to be taking a liberal stand in this issue, through Tim Kaine, senator of Virginia and her running mate is a Catholic. Kaine insists that though he supports the abortion rights of people, he personally opposes abortion.

At the Vatican, the center of Catholicism, Pope Francis has openly opposed abortion, true to the Church's traditional views. However, he insisted that way too much is being discussed about abortion and gay rights while there is a huge segment of people in the world who are marginalized and downtrodden. 


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