Do You Know How to Stop Murder? Phil Robertson Knows

Want to Know How to Stop Murder? Ask Phil… Robertson That Is

"The Sword of the Spirit" Will Stop Murder Worldwide Phil Robertson, a member of the Duck Dynasty reality TV series posted a video on

Three Billboards Golden Globes

What Are The Religious Themes of Golden Globes Award Winner ‘Three Billboards’?

'Three Billboards' Movie Interweaves Judaism, Catholicism, and Southern Gothic Fiction Martin McDonagh's movies have some common themes. First, they are filled with powerful displays

Bizarre Murder-Suicide of Shinto Priestess

Tragedy struck in Japan as Nagako Tomioka, chief priestess of the Tomioka Hachimangu shrine in Tokyo was killed. While homicide is generally rare in

Myanmar Report Finds ‘No Evidence’ of Rohingya Genocide

Myanmar's government says it has found 'no evidence' of genocide against Rohingya Muslims. The Rohingya Muslims, a Muslim minority in the widely Buddhist Myanmar,

Knights of Columbus Urge Catholics Not to Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates

Knights of Columbus remind Catholics that "abortion is murder." The powerful Catholic lay fraternity, the Knights of Columbus have given a cry to Catholics

New Documentary Film ‘Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief’

Documentary film shows the struggles of being an atheist in today's world. They are among us, but they are afraid to reveal themselves. New

Yazidis Urge U.N. to Deem Violence by ISIS to be Treated as Genocide

Yazidi Christians call for international recognition of acts against Yazidis be declared genocide. The Yazidis are a Kurdish religious community recognized by the United

The Quran Does Not Oppress Women, Sharia-Based Islam Does

The mistreatment of Islamic women should be blamed on Sharia Law, not the Quran. The campaign theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is