New Documentary Film ‘Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief’

Documentary film shows the struggles of being an atheist in today’s world.

They are among us, but they are afraid to reveal themselves.

New Documentary Film ‘Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief'[/tweetthis]

The group in question are atheists. 50 percent of Americans say atheists are threatening. 49 percent of Americans say they would be disappointed if a family member married an atheist.

In 13 countries worldwide, people can be sentenced to death for being an atheist.

[WARNING: Explicit Language]

And over 40 members of Congress, who maintain their anonymity, are atheist.

It is difficult being atheist, even in these more liberal, modern times. Filmmaker Micael Langer has set out to show these struggles to the world in his new documentary, Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief.

The film is rich with interviews of atheists who speak about their struggles, and their desire, not to prove the absence of a God, but to obtain the rights afforded to all other religious and secular groups.

The film is also fraught with clips of religious leaders, television personalities, and family members lashing out at atheists in general, or specific people who have expressed doubt or lack of belief in the existence of God.

In one scene, a popular talk show host wonders where somebody will get their moral compass if not from God. The documentary then follows with a map which highlights the ten most religious states in the U.S. It turns out that those same states are also ranked high in murder, domestic abuse, and other criminal activity.

Another topic covered in the movie is the violent turn cultures take when deep and beautiful religious symbolism is taken literally. Footage of wars from throughout time and around the world drive home this point.

Godless: The Truth Beyond Belief is over 70 percent funded on, with over 1300 backers raising funds toward a flexible goal of $100,000.


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