Albany's Episcopal Bishop Bans Same-sex Marriages in the Diocese's Churches

Albany’s Episcopal Bishop Bans Same-sex Marriages in the Diocese’s Churches

Top Episcopal leadership speaks out against the edict. Bishop William Love of Albany, New York's Episcopal Church has issued a stern directive prohibiting gay

Indiana Court Rules Against First Church of Cannabis Marijuana Possession

Court Rules Against Possession of Marijuana for Religious Purposes

Court Rules against marijuana possession On July 6, a Judge of Marion Circuit Court in Indiana decided to rule against marijuana possession[/tweetit]. Judge Sheryl

Kentucky Governor Supports T-Shirt Company's Religious Freedom to Deny Printing to Gay Pride

Kentucky Governor Supports T-Shirt Company’s Religious Freedom to Deny Printing to Gay Pride

Others refuse to buy into this argument Governor Matt Bevin, the Republican governor of Kentucky, has urged the Supreme Court of the state to

Christian Singer Facing Leftist Author in Costa Rican Presidential Race

Christian Singer Facing Leftist Author in Costa Rican Presidential Race

Costa Rica can fall prey to conservative forces Fiction writer and former prog-rock vocalist, Carlos Alvarado Quesada, will compete with Christian singer Fabricio Alvarado

Australia gay marriage

Christians are Divided Over Australian Gay Marriage Debate

Opinions vary across different Christian denominations Even as Australia is striding towards finally doing away with archaic laws banning gay marriage[/tweetit] and legally accepting

The Latest Company Being Boycotted: Starbucks

Malaysian Muslims are boycotting Starbucks over their pro-LGBT views. Hardline conservative Muslim groups in Indonesia and Malaysia urge their countrymen to boycott Starbucks[/tweetit] after

Neil Gorsuch is Pushing Supreme Court Right on Guns, Gays, and Religion

He quickly returned back to his conservative self after becoming a judge Justice Neil Gorsuch has proved to be a conservative activist only a

Majority Support Gay Marriage, Even Evangelicals

Support for gay marriage has reached an all-time high; support for gay marriage increased among Republicans, Catholics, and Evangelicals. Support for gay rights in

Outcry Over Orthodox Rabbi’s Advice on Accepting Homosexuality

Orthodox Jewish community in an uproar after Rabbi’s comments on homosexuality. A rabbi's supportive word on the subject of homosexuality has created rifts in

Australian Senator Pushing Greater Church/State Separation to Obtain Marriage Equality

Australian Senator Penny Wong blamed religious organizations as the reason why Australia is still not very receptive to gay rights. Penny Wong, an Australian