Majority Support Gay Marriage, Even Evangelicals

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Support for gay marriage has reached an all-time high; support for gay marriage increased among Republicans, Catholics, and Evangelicals.

Support for gay rights in the U.S. is increasing[/tweetit], according to a new research study. More than 60 percent of Americans, including white evangelicals, support gay marriage. The research has also found that for the first time ever, people from the baby boomer generation have also indicated they support gay rights. The rise in support for gay rights is sudden, and in many ways, even surprising.

Majority Support Gay Marriage, Even Evangelicals[/tweetthis]

babyboomberThe support for gay marriage has dramatically increased in all groups, including traditionally conservative groups such as white evangelicals and Republican voters. Overall, 62 percent of Americans support gay marriage today, as opposed to the meager 32 percent that opposes same-sex unions. The support for gay marriage has increased from 29 percent to 51 percent, and from 29 percent in 2016 to 47 percent this year.

The support for gay rights has increased by 10 percent among baby boomers – 46 percent support gay marriage. Surprisingly, 67 percent of Catholics have indicated that they are in favor. For the first time ever, Republicans are divided in half about their opinions on gay marriage. 47 percent favor gay marriage while 48 percent oppose. This is shocking because Republicans have traditionally been known to have more conservative views about such issues.

The survey comes after the Supreme Court announced that it will be considering a case related to gay rights. At the heart of the case is a baker from Denver who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. Although lower costs have rolled in to take off the couple, there is no saying how the Supreme Court will rule, especially now that Neil Gorsuch, known for his conservative views, will be on the bench.

More than 70 percent of millennial Americans have indicated that they accept gay marriages. This is a sign that the future of America will be more open and accepting towards gay rights.

Ironically, people do not have the same progressive views about abortion. In fact, support for abortion has reversed and less Americans support abortion compared to in 1995. Off late, there has been increased push against abortion, with advocates arguing that abortion equals murder. Because the premise on which the two issues are opposed by religious groups, support for the two cannot really be compared – one is seen as a right to live while the other is seen as a murder.


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