Trump ‘Make the Bible Great Again’ Billboards

Drivers rolling on Interstate 70 have noticed a billboard near St. Charles Rock Road featuring U.S. President Donald J. Trump in large electronic glowing

Evangelical Group Pledging $20 Million in Lead Up to Primaries

Evangelical Group Pledging $20 Million in Lead Up to Primaries

Republicans want to hold on to their seats The Faith and Freedom Coalition, a conservative evangelical group, has increased its budget to about $20

Poll of Journalists

Poll of Journalists Finds Trump’s Relationship with Evangelicals is the Biggest News Story of the Year

'Trumpvengelicals' now influence White House actions The year 2017 resembles the past year 2016 in a number of ways. The more prominent among them

Neil Gorsuch is Pushing Supreme Court Right on Guns, Gays, and Religion

He quickly returned back to his conservative self after becoming a judge Justice Neil Gorsuch has proved to be a conservative activist only a

Majority Support Gay Marriage, Even Evangelicals

Support for gay marriage has reached an all-time high; support for gay marriage increased among Republicans, Catholics, and Evangelicals. Support for gay rights in

Supreme Court Rules for Religious Institutions in Playground Funding Case

Two Justices dissented from this judgment The United States Supreme Court in its ruling on June 26 stated that school playground grants funded by

Supreme Court Takes Case on Religious Freedom vs. LGBT Couple

Does someone get to deny same-sex marriage services if it is against their religious beliefs? The question of whether the addition of Neil Gorsuch

Supreme Court Rules Religiously Affiliated Hospitals Don’t Have to Provide Pension Plans to Employees

Supreme Court rules in favor of religiously affiliated hospitals; says they need not pay pensions In a shock ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court passed

The Religion of Neil Gorsuch and His Religious Liberty Record

Democrats are concerned with Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. The Trump administration is actively trying to rally support for the President's nominee to