Trump ‘Make the Bible Great Again’ Billboards

Trump ‘Make the Bible Great Again’ Billboards

Drivers rolling on Interstate 70 have noticed a billboard near St. Charles Rock Road featuring U.S. President Donald J. Trump in large electronic glowing format.[/tweetit] Other than the electronically rendered Trump photo, the St. Louis County, Missouri-located billboard also sports a Bible verse that reads “The word became flesh.” For those who pass through the stretch, the content on the billboard has left them befuddled. Many were aghast to see Donald Trump being equated with Jesus Christ.

Trump ‘Make the Bible Great Again’ Billboards[/tweetthis]

As per independent reports, in addition to the St. Louis billboard, there’s another installation a little outside Waco, Texas. There is more than a possibility that multiple billboards are scattered across the United States.

The billboard's top right corner says, “Make the Gospel Great Again,” a variation of the presidential slogan. The company DDI Media admitted to owning the advertisement but declined to say who paid for the promotion. The company later posted on social media the advertisement was removed owing to its political nature. The company claimed the advertisement did not satisfy their needs for political advertisements. It was hence taken down.

A little investigation brought forward the name of a previously unknown Facebook group named "Make the Gospel Great Again." The logo of the group is a crucifix superimposed over U.S. flag. The latter claimed credit for these billboards and denied that their message equates Jesus Christ and President Donald Trump. In its Facebook post, the group wrote that salvation comes only if a Christian enjoys a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and has nothing to do with any man. It then counters its own reasoning when the content insists that God sends messengers to human-like King David in ancient times and President Trump as of today. The president is God's messenger without any doubt as he protects the unborn and defends America against foreign invasions. He also stood up for Israel and surrounds himself with Christian rights champions like Brett Kavanaugh, Mike Pence, and Neil Gorsuch.

The Facebook content then rambled on to discredit former President Obama, terming his administration as a disaster. This is why the advent of Donald Trump on the American political landscape is for Americans a veritable “word becomes flesh.” It then urges Christians not to resist God's will despite the supposed multiple persecutions faced by them.


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