How Kathie Lee Gifford Found God in Her Life

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Kathie Lee Gifford shares her story of how Billy Graham helped bring her to God.

Kathie Lee Gifford, American actress and TV host, has went on record saying that it was impossible for her to forget that day when she invited Jesus Christ to her life. The start was when she heard Billy Graham, the legendary American evangelist, discuss his faith.

How Kathie Lee Gifford Found God in Her Life[/tweetthis]

Gifford claimed that her family was made of lay believers who honored God in a general sense. There was, however, no personal engagement with the almighty. She mentioned that when taken from her father's side of the family, she was Jewish by culture. The Christian tenets came from her mother's side of family. Gifford pointed out that the turning point in her life came when she was 12 years of age.

Her day of awakening came when she found herself crying. The television was on and she saw Graham engaged in his crusades. She was not the only one in her family who discovered Christ that day. Her sister and mother realized the love of Christ as well.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The film was about a girl who was at a pivotal point in her life. She was torn by questions on whether she will follow the worldly ways or ways of faith. When she was inside the movie theater, a small one in her town of Annapolis, Maryland, a voice directly spoke to her and asked Katie to trust it, and if she does, it assured that she will be the recipient of something beautiful in her life. Following the movie, she attended an event by the film organizers which entreated viewers to take a “step of faith.” Kathie accepted it and took Jesus into her heart.

Kathie confessed; “At that age, all I wanted was to become an actress and a singer. The Lord met me in a movie theatre, in the very world I dreamed of being a part of. From that point on, God was with me at every twist and turn, every decision.” It was not a coincidence that the almighty chose to contact her within a movie theater, exactly the kind of industry where she wanted to be in.

Kathie ultimately landed up in Hollywood. It was not a cakewalk for a devout Christian to survive in the film Mecca during those days. She said that there was no pressure to hide her Christian leanings anytime in Hollywood.


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