Which Christian Athletes Will Win Gold At The Winter Olympics?

How Does Faith Help Olympic Athletes Get the Gold?

Which Christian Athletes Will Win Gold At  The Winter Olympics?

Many sports participants claim God helps them

Competing in the winter Olympics requires strength, courage, precision, grace, and speed. A majority of the athletes participating in the PyeongChang edition of the games in South Korea confess their skills and endurance are multiplied by their faith. God, according to them, has helped them when they struggled the hardest and felt the most miserable.

How Does Faith Help Olympic Athletes Get the Gold? [/tweetthis]

The PyeongChang edition of the 2018 Winter Olympics is slated to be an interesting one. About 3,000 athletes from different countries all over the world will give their best to win 306 medals from a total of 102 events. The PyeongChang venue will see four events being introduced for the first time. These are mass-start speedskating, big air snowboard, alpine skiing team event competed nationally, and the curling mixed doubles. A few of the athletes have shared the role of God in the course of their Olympic journeys.

Maame Biney is an oddity in the near sea of white and fair skinned faces in the competitive world of speedskating. An African-American, she came to the United States when she was five years old, Biney qualified for the Olympics a few days shy of her 18th birthday. Her performance has even won her accolades from Apolo Ohno, one of her few heroes. Both Biney and Kweku, her father, thank God for her success. Her father saw an advertisement of skating lessons and then asked his daughter if she would like to enroll. Then the years of slog work followed when her father got up early in the morning to take his daughter to training. Both of them believe that God has helped Biney to achieve success.

Another athlete who draws strength from God is Kelly Clark. She has won the maximum number of medals in Winter Olympics. The South Korea venue will mark her fifth attendance. According to Clark, she was acquainted with God on the slopes. While competing at one of the events, a contestant fell twice. The girl was crying. The fallen athlete was consoled by another skier, who said that God loves that athlete and everything is fine. As per Clark, the comment made a deep impression on her. She returned to the hotel and tried to read the Bible. The first few days were hard for her to know what the Bible meant but she understood and now comprehends the beauty of the Almighty. She is in the reckoning for a halfpipe medal.

On the topic of Christianity and the Olympics, critics have taken to Twitter criticizing Christian Vice President Mike Pence over the Trump Administration’s icy relationship with North Korea.


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