Nigeria Church Collapse

Church Guest House Collapses in Nigeria; Government Calls for Investigation

Nigeria Church Collapse

Church leader TB Joshua is under scrutiny about the tragedy that occurred at a property owned by Synagogue Church of All Nations.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations, located in Lagos, Nigeria, has suffered an incredible tragedy as the building collapsed during a church tour, leaving at least 115 people dead beneath the rubble, including at least 67 South Africans. The cause of the collapse is currently unknown, with many different theories competing with one another for official recognition. It is thought that as many as 200 individuals were in attendance at the religious gathering that was organized by the famous TB Joshua, who has spoken extensively about the disaster.

From The Site Of The Collapse

There have been some strange reports that have come from the rescue operations area that members of the church have been impeding rescue efforts at the grounds. Allegedly, National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) workers were not able to access the site until 3 days after the accident, according to a statement made by American scholars. However, TB Joshua as well as other members of the church insists that they have been cooperating in every way possible.

Message From TB Joshua

TB Joshua, widely regarded as a modern prophet, was the person that all of the churchgoers were there to watch. He has been deeply affected by the outcome of the collapse. He released a statement from The Synagogue Church of All Nations’ Facebook page to express sorrow, faith, and to put an end to the rumors that the members of the church are being anything but cooperative of the rescue efforts. TB Joshua has also mentioned that the causes of the church collapse should be investigated, as a low-flying aircraft was seen over the building several times before the collapse took place.

Potential Causes

Even amid the debris, there is a great deal of discussion about the potential causes for the collapse, and right now they run the gamut. One explanation for the building falling is that the additional stories added onto the church hostel were done illegally and were too much for the building’s foundation to hold. TB Joshua has stated the additional floors were approved by the Lagos government as safe.

However, other theories on the collapse have appeared including terrorist attacks and eyewitness accounts. The mysterious aircraft mentioned by TB Joshua himself has led to him declaring that they will not have rest until they find out the cause of this horrible tragedy. However, Nigeria’s Academia in the Diaspora will not accept TB Joshua’s aircraft explanation and wants him prosecuted.


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