Franklin Graham Blasts Miami Dolphins Draft Pick Laremy Tunsil for Smoking Marijuana

Franklin Graham issues a reaction to Laremy Tunsil caught on video smoking marijuana.

Franklin Graham is infamous for his controversial remarks. Last week, via his Facebook account, Graham blasted Laremy Tunsil, the top considerate in the NFL draft, for using marijuana. Tunsil's “demand in the NFL” went tumbling down when a video of him smoking a bong surfaced in his Twitter account. Tunsil defended himself by saying that the video was made a long time ago and that he did not post it in his account, that his account has been hacked. According to CBSNews, Tunsil lost around $8 million in revenue because of the video. Graham wrote to the effect in his post that Laremy Tunsil would be able to tell you that it would cost millions to act stupid. According to him, no owner would invest $25 million on a pothead.

Franklin Graham Blasts Miami Dolphins Draft Pick Laremy Tunsil for Smoking Marijuana.[/tweetthis]

Franklin Graham is an American Christian evangelist and missionary. He is the CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) and president of Samaritan's Purse (an International Christian relief organization).

Following Graham's post, a lot of people commented to the effect that drugs like cannabis or marijuana are not bad because God created them. On his next Facebook post, Graham, addressing the issue, stated “God made mushrooms, but there are some types of mushrooms so poisonous that just one could make you dangerously ill or kill you. God made tobacco, but research has long proven that smoking or chewing it is very harmful to your body, even deadly. Just because God made snakes, doesn’t mean they’re harmless—I can tell you, I’m not going to be picking up any rattlesnakes! Marijuana has been proven to be addictive, has many side effects, and can be harmful.”

Graham has advised the drug addicts to seek refuge in God, in his post. Quoting Psalm 46:1, he says that God loves all his children. Ask him for forgiveness and he will forgive your sins. 


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