Buddhist temple repeatedly vandalized in Santa Ana, CA – Update: Suspect Caught

tich temple vandalisation

Santa Ana Police are puzzled as an Asian woman was caught on camera vandalizing Buddhist Huong Tich Temple several times.

Update 1-14-15 11:50 AM: Trang Thu Pham, 45, has admitted to being the vandal after being caught by the Costa Mesa Police Department. A security officer at a CVS recognized Pham from news reports and phoned the police. Detectives revealed that Pham confirmed suspicions that she is the woman seen vandalizing the Buddhist temple in the footage. It is believed she had personal motivations against a particular individual and that this was not a hate-crime against the Buddhist temple or faith.

She was captured on video drilling alcohol bottles and jars at statues of Buddha outside Huong Tich Buddhist Temple. She caused chips to statues of the icon with her blows.

These attacks have happened up to ten times, but seven of them weren’t caught on camera. It is assumed that the acts were all done by the same woman because they are all extremely similar. Each one involved tossing bottles and occurred at about the same time of day.

The woman is reported to be short, around 5’2″, and weighing about 120 pounds. She is of Asian decent with short black hair and aged from 25-40 years old. If you have any information about this woman or the vandalism, you are encouraged to call Detective A. Gonzalez at 714-245-8732.

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, Santa Ana Police, wonders “Why is she doing this? Is this because she has a hatred for the religion or hatred for the religious statues? Or is this some other type of issue?”

Santa Ana police want your help in stopping this woman before she causes more damage. Call them with any information you have using the number above. Someone who has vandalized property ten times is quite likely to do so again. Any help would very quite appreciated.


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