Pastor On Grindr

Anti-Gay Pastor Resigns Over Secret Grindr Account

Pastor On Grindr

Screenshots from the Grindr account of Pastor Matthew Makela, as posted on Queerty.

Pastor Matthew Makela resigned from his position at the St. John’s Lutheran Church after his secret Grindr account leaked with details of his gay interests.

This week Queerty, an online magazine covering gay lifestyle and news, revealed that anti-gay Christian pastor Matthew Makela has been leading a double-life. Pastor Makela from Midland, Michigan has been a loud critic of homosexuality in his community. Now this married father of five has been caught exchanging X-rated messages with other men on Grindr, a mobile hook-up app geared for gays, bisexuals, and bi-curious men.

Makela has served for five years as an associate pastor at the local St. John’s Lutheran Church and School. Presenting himself as a family man and a strong supporter of traditional marriage, Makela’s been very outspoken in his negative views on same-sex attraction.

In September last year he urged his community members on his Facebook to work on their marriages and seek a deeper meaning in them. In November he compared homosexuality to alcoholism in a comment to a fellow pastor’s op-ed in Midland Daily News. In March this year he stated on his Facebook that “the transgender movement is going to assist opportunistic sickos in preying upon children and others.” The Facebook profile has since been deleted.

Queerty magazine published screenshots of Grindr, in which Makela engages in steamy exchanges with other users. He calls himself a top in bed, and says he also enjoys nude make out sessions, oral sex, massage, and even cuddling with other men. The screenshots also feature half-naked photos of Makela.

The pastor has confirmed that the screen shots are real but has declined to comment. He has resigned from his position at St. John’s Lutheran Church and School. Makela also told Queerty by e-mail that his wife and senior pastor now know about his double life.

Pastor Kempin of St. John’s church comforted his clergy that he had shared with Pastor Makela after news outlets published the story. He wrote a letter to the members of the church not to panic and to be “patient and trust in God” who “forgives all our sins.”

Grindr is the largest and most popular gay mobile app in the world. It’s available in 192 countries, and runs on iOS and Android.


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