Ambulances in Texas Now Display Their Trust in God


“In God We Trust” is displayed on ambulances in Lamesa, Texas.

Just after the recent incident of Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) asking the Childress Police Department to take off the stickers of “In God We Trust” from their patrol cars, now a hospital in Lamesa, Texas is sporting the words on the back of their ambulances.

The Medical Arts Hospital in Lamesa will now have the American motto on the back of their ambulances. Leitha Stokes, the CEO of the concerned hospital said that the decision to have the words at the back and inside of the ambulance was totally hers and that she stands by what she has decided. She also added that the hospital crew supports her decision.


Joey Parks, EMS Director at Medical Arts hospital says any patient who gets into the ambulance, regardless of their faith, will be given proper care. He thinks having the phrase on the interior of the ambulance will get people to turn to God. “People who have not prayed before, in the ambulance they’ll pray,” he stated.

Ambulances in Texas Now Display Their Trust in God[/tweetthis]

FFRF’s petition to remove the motto

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been constantly trying to raise the matter of removing displays of the phrase from public spaces including police patrol cars so that atheists and non-Christians do not feel excluded. However, here requests were turned down by the Childress Police Department, whose Chief responded to their request with a no and asked them to “go fly a kite.” Later, Senator Charles Perry and Representative Drew Springer too issued a statement saying that the police department has a right to display the motto on their patrol cars. With the support of the government and the strong decision of the police Chief, FFRF could not get what it hoped for.

On the other hand, the hospital in Texas too went on to follow the example of the police department with “In God We trust” stickers inside and behind their ambulances. The question remains if atheists and non-Catholics will be comfortable with this decision or not. Does it seem like a breach in their religious or non-religious belief and if it hinders their faith in the hospital services as well? Even with the constant promise from Stokes of every patient being offered good care, will matters change for the residents of Lamesa, Texas? This is the second incident in Texas and we can only wait and watch if other public service organizations take to trend as well.


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