Barbara Grossman

Bishop Curry is a Refreshing Voice for Relationships Everywhere by Dr. Barbara Grossman

Sharing our vulnerability and hearing the other is how we discover and solve our problems together. Bishop Michael Curry celebrated the power of love

 God Is Good For You

God Is Good For You by Barak Lurie

Barak Lurie tells how God gives us purpose. God is only a crutch to make you feel better. God is a fantasy concept, an

God’s Design for Sex

Author Nancy Houston says our sexuality is a window into our Creator. God designed us as sexual creatures with a purpose in mind. He

Why does the Ecumenical Patriarch ignore the problem of Jerusalem?

Patriarch Bartholomew has so far kept silent on America's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. On December 6, 2017 a significant, controversial

Washington prepares successor for its spiritual representative in Turkey

In the eyes of Turkish people, the best thing in Elpidophoros' favour is the absence of a negative image in the mass media. When

Does Turkey Oppress Religious Minorities?

The threats to Turkey are not just external. Turkey faces many challenges being in the epicenter of global and regional politics. Ankara is under

An attempt to get rid of Archbishop Demetrios

Things don't change in Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. Rumours are circulating in the omogenia about the possible resignation of Archbishop Demetrios of America.

Paradox of the aggressive secularism: exclusion of religion from public life politicizes the Church

In spite of the reviving interest in religion among Europeans, the materialistic ideology still dominates our media. Church dwells on the margins of society.

Why do some people love Jesus, but don’t like the Bible?

Left to our natural devices, we don’t want to be created in God’s image; we want him to be created in our image. My

God’s Gift of Serenity and Action

It is time to take up the plague of gun violence that sets America apart from other nations. The news was as startling as